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- April 20th, 2020





8.1 / 10

7.4/ 10

1.2 / 10


Chances are you're just like me. You've worked out in the past year and you've probably heard someone mention or someone use this new recovery device called a "massage gun." It's a device NBA, NFL, UFC and other athletes are using to recover faster. It's supposed to release muscular tension, increase blood flow, break up knots and scar issue and is used to speed up recovery and growth. 

I saw one at the gym last year and have sense been bombarded with Instagram and Facebook ads telling me to buy one. I started to do my research and turns out, there are about a million of them for sale on Amazon and online. I couldn't figure out which one to buy, so I bought them all- well not really, just the "best of the best." When in quarantine, right?


Below is my independent review of the following massagers that will hopefully make your choice easier:





9.8 / 10

9.3 / 10

8.6 / 10




9.8 / 10

This massage gun was my personal favorite and seems to be solving all the issues I've seen with the others models- it's quiet, powerful and comes with all the nice extra features without the cost.

Yes, this item is just like the KraftGun and the LifePro Pulse. The one major difference is the shipping time on the RecoveryPro. They offer free 2-day shipping nationwide and have all their inventory in stock. I actually tried ordering from Kraftgun and then got an email saying it would be 7-9 weeks! Unreal, so I found this RecoveryPro and ordered it so I wouldn't have to wait. Good thing I did because this model they all are selling is incredible!


Here are some of the specs:

  • 3 different speeds (1800-2100-2400 per min)

  • Brushless Motor (55-65 dB)

  • 16mm Amplitude (Deep Tissue Massage)

  • Samsung Battery (3 hour battery life)

  • 3 Adjustable Arm Angles

  • Stall Force (66 lbs)

  • Lightweight (2.2 lbs)

  • Carrying Case (Hard Case)

  • Attachment Case (Hard Case)

  • 4 Attachments (Ball, Fork, Absorber, Trigger Point)

It's extremely quiet and extremely powerful. I was blown away to be honest. I didn't think it would be as powerful as some of the others, but it is probably the most powerful one of the bunch. I really liked the charging dock and the fact that you can still charge it with the cord if you don't want to travel with the dock. If I'm spending this much money on a device, I'd prefer to showcase it! It also comes in 2 colors, which is nice for those wanting to have color as an option. This device just showed me the other companies are marking their items up like crazy.

Compared to the Theragun: it's much quieter, has a better battery, is smaller and is easier to hold. It's also lighter, includes a charging dock, seems more powerful & is $220 cheaper. Aesthetically I prefer the Theragun, but the weight, price and specs wouldn't justify buying it.

Compared to the HyperVolt Plus: about the same noise level, about the same power level, but has a better battery, has 2 handles for easier use, turns on/off immediately, comes with a carrying case, comes with a charging dock & is $70 cheaper.

- $399   $349 + Free 2-Day Shipping



HyperVolt Plus

9.3 / 10

The finishes of this one are my favorite. It's very sleek. It is a little heavy and I don't care for the single handle or the fact that it has 2 on/off switches you must use everytime, but at the end of the day it's extremely powerful and does exactly what's it's intended to do. Here are some of the specs:

  • 3 different speeds (2000-2600-3200 per min)

  • Brushless Motor (55-65 dB)

  • Chinese Battery (2 hour battery life)

  • 0 Adjustable Arms

  • Stall Force (65 lbs)

  • Weight (3 lbs)

  • No Carrying Case 

  • No Attachment Case

  • 5 Attachments (Flat, Fork, Bullet, Cushion, Round)

This device is extremely quiet & powerful, just like the RecoveryPro. It's sleek and comes from a very reputable company. I didn't like that you had to turn the item on/off on the bottom of the device, then press the button on the back of the head to start. I prefer turning it on all at once or in the same spot. It does lag so takes a few seconds to ramp up to full speed and takes a few seconds to stop. I'd imagine many customers would forget to turn off the switch on the bottom. Not sure if that drains the battery or not.

Compared to the RecoveryPro: just as quiet, same amount of power and comes with an extra attachment. The percussions per minute are higher, but I'm not sure it's actually better. I read anything over 2,400 percussions per minute can hurt muscle tissue, but I think the Hypervolt Plus isn't a deep tissue massager so it may be okay. It doesn't come with a charging dock or either carrying case and its more expensive, which is why it comes in at #2.

Compared to the Theragun: I prefer this over the Theragun anyday of the week. Personally, I want to use it anywhere I go and the whisper quiet really stands out along with its higher power. It's also $150 cheaper.

- $449



Theragun G3PRO

8.6 / 10

The OG massage gun... it's really nice and is built well. It comes with lots of attachments and adjustable arms. It's quieter than previous models, but is still so expensive and lacks the most important quality- noise. It's too distracting to use at your desk or in a public setting. It has 2 batteries, which is nice when 1 dies and each last around 60 minutes. Below are some more specs:

  • 2 different speeds (1740-2400 per min)

  • Quite Loud (75-80 dB)

  • 16mm Amplitude (Deep Tissue Massage)

  • 2 Samsung Swappable Batteries (2 hour battery life total)

  • 4 Adjustable Arm Angles

  • Stall Force (60 lbs)

  • Weight (3.2 lbs)

  • Carrying Case Included

  • Zipper Attachment Bag

  • 6 Attachments (Dampener, Large Ball, Small Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone)

This device is very nice. The look is that of a BMW 5 series, but the components don't stand out like one unfortunately. I understand why people love these, the look and the # of attachments are nice, but the average person doesn't need that many attachments and it's too loud for common use outside of a busy gym.

Compared to the RecoveryPro: It's larger, heavier, louder and $220 more expensive. I like that both are powered by Samsung, which gives the buyer more assurance that it's going to last a long time. It does offer more attachments and an extra battery, but the battery life doesn't last as long so it's a trade-off.

Compared to the HyperVolt Plus: It's about the same size and same weight, but is louder and $150 more expensive. The Samsung batteries on it are better than the HyperVolt Plus and it comes with an extra attachment and carrying case. I just can't get over the noise level and price...

- $599




8.1 / 10

The RecoveryVolt comes with all the must haves for a massage gun and the battery just seems to last forever! Complete Recovery manufacturers this one as well and it seems to be the more economical option of the RecoveryPro. I got a discount on this because I bought the Pro, but am impressed with the quality and quietness. The one thing that stood out to me is it comes in 4 DIFFERENT COLORS! Haven't seen that before. Below are some more specs:

  • 3 different speeds (1600-2200-3000 per min)

  • Quiet (65-75 dB)

  • 10mm Amplitude 

  • Chinese Battery (4 hour battery life)

  • 3 Adjustable Arm Angles

  • Stall Force (50 lbs)

  • Weight (3.1 lbs)

  • Carrying Case Included

  • Zipper Attachment Bag

  • 5 Attachments (Large Ball, Small Ball, Cone, Fork, Flat Head)

This device is a great economical option. Retailing at $279 it meets most budgets and comes in 4 different colors: white, blue, silver and pink. I think there is a market for those wanting customization. It's not as powerful as the Top 3, but is very quite, which is nice. It's probably really good for your 3 day per week athlete that wants to recover, but doesn't have massive muscles... yet. 

Compared to the TimTam: It's a little larger in size, has about the same amount of power and noise. It comes with a carrying case and comes from a reputable company that stands behind their product- more to come on TimTam review... 

Compared to the Vybe: Much quieter and about the same amount of power. Looks nicer and seems to be better quality than the Vybe. Less of a power tool and more of a fitness device.

- $279




7.4 / 10

If you're looking for something extremely cheap and powerful, this could be for you. When I say cheap I mean cheappp. Not convinced this will work in a few months and it's the loudest thing I've ever heard, but it is very powerful. This is pretty much a power tool with fitness attachments. Below are some more specs:

  • 6 different speeds (500-2500 per min)

  • Extremely Loud (90-100 dB, Police Siren)

  • 14mm Amplitude 

  • 2 Swappable Chinese Batteries (30 minutes each)

  • 3 Adjustable Arm Angles

  • Stall Force (60 lbs)

  • Weight (2.6 lbs)

  • Carrying Case Included (Very cheap material)

  • No Attachment Bag

  • 3 Attachments (Large Ball, Small Ball, Cone)


This device is a great economical option if you don't care about your hearing. Retailing at $149 for a reason- it came with scuffs on it, oil residue from I assume the factory and a couple of black hairs, which wasn't comforting. Given the other options, I wouldn't spend my money on this. I think the Amazon reviews are paid for, because there is no way anyone can reasonably use this thing for more than 1 minute. My ears were legit hurting- it should come with ear plugs. I've seen attachments you can buy and put on your own power tool to save even more money. If you're in a crowded gym and only use it for under a minute it would be worth it, but I don't know how many people want that.

Compared to the RecoveryVolt: Way louder, about the same power and cheaper. Quality on the outside doesn't seem nearly as good and the carrying case isn't as nice. Battery also doesn't last a fraction of the time.

Compared to the TimTam: Way louder, but more powerful and cheaper. This product did work for more than 3 minutes so it ranks higher. 

- $149



TimTam Power Massager Pro

1.2 / 10

If you're looking for something that costs $500 and only works for 3 minutes, this product is for you! This did get dinged because it didn't work for long and their customer service is terrible, but I will share the specs and how it performed while it was working too. Below are some specs:

  • 5? I'm not sure because it's digital and doesn't come with a User's Manual

  • Quiet (20-60 dB)

  • 30mm Amplitude (What they claim)

  • 1 Swappable Chinese Battery (1 hour)

  • 7 Adjustable Arm Angles

  • Stall Force (40 lbs)

  • Weight (2 lbs)

  • No Carrying Case

  • No Attachment Bag

  • 3 Attachments (Large Ball, Small Ball, Smaller Ball)


While the item worked, it was very quiet and lightweight, but had a terrible stall force, which means if you applied any pressure it turned off. I tried the heating ball attachment and pretty sure it didn't heat up at all. The box came damaged and had cutouts for more items, which doesn't make sense because this is their most expensive package. It also didn't come with a user's manual. It worked for 3 minutes then stopped working. I reached out to their customer service team and didn't hear back after 3 attempts until I gave them a 1-star review... then they replied immediately, but still haven't sent me a new device. If this was the same price as the Vybe I'd kind of understand, but for $500... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This item isn't for sale anywhere except their website, which is smart because if they let people review it on Amazon it would get taken down immediately.

Compared to the RecoveryVolt: Worse.

Compared to the Vybe: Worse.

- $499


Tried one of these before?

Let's see those comments. Excited to hear what you guys think!

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