Get slim, eat Qdoba for lunch every day!

I have to admit, when I first started down the road of getting fit it was hard for me to give up Qdoba. I mean really who doesn’t want a 20oz burrito for lunch everyday. Upon looking at the nutritional information I realized that 20oz burrito was topping over 950 calories, most of which came from the rice and tortilla. It is possible however to eat healthy Qdoba.

How can Qdoba be heathy?

It is important to note that Qdoba is committed to fresh, quality ingredients, most of which are grown locally. Everything is fresh, unfrozen product. With that said eating healthy Qdoba is quite simple, ditch the high carb ingredients. Rice and tortillas are high carb ingredients, they are what make you feel sluggish after chowing down 20oz of pure goodness. Instead opt for a Naked Taco Salad. Before you knock the salad, take a look at what my salad consists of.

Healthy Qdoba Salad:

  • Romain Lettuce
  • Chicken or Pork
  • Fresh Pico
  • Habenero
  • Sour Cream (tiny amount)
  • Fresh Shredded Cheese
This option weighs in around 475 calories for the entire salad. Yes nearly 50% sex chat rooms calories savings just by eliminating the rice and tortilla. Also opting for the chicken or pork gives you a leaner, denser protein option that is sure to give you matt skiba and heather dating energy and fuel your body for the rest of the day. You can check out what your favorite combination weighs in at, and play around with how to make it healthier at
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